Have FRESH-PICKED Wild Morels for sale

User Have Want
organicgirl organic fresh milk, eggs, pork occasional farm help or childcare
foodntravel homemade ciabatta or other baking Used popcorn popper for coffee roasting
da butcher money and or dried ottawa wild mushrooms big ol boston bean pot
chimichimi Foreman grill w/ waffle, grill, griddle plates Money/giftcards, beer, food
chimichimi sandwich grill (the crappy kind, not a panini press) anything?
chimichimi BUNN coffee maker http://www.bunnomatic.com/retail/products/nhb.html Money (around $40-50), or equivalent in foodstuffs
lady who brunches baking (cake, cookies, scones) or cooking or food from my garden flowers, about 30 blooms in total for August 8 (see forum)
Jagash Home-made organic onion powder locally grown fruit/produce
Pasta lover Home-made cookies or muffins March 2006 issue of Gourmet magazine (the Montreal issue)

Cookbook swap & shop

User Have Want Lend, trade, give?
lady who brunches Mexican Everyday, Rick Bayless anything by Martha Stewart or Jamie Oliver Lend, or trade
SUP Martha Stewart Hors D’oeuvres Handbook would trade for Rick Bayless Mexican book - smokeunderpressure@gmail.com
lady who brunches Jamie’s Italy, Jamie Oliver anything by Giada de Laurentias or a book on home preserving Lend
Jagash Time Life Recipes: The Cooking of Scandinavia Book on Home Preserving Lend, Trade, Give
Jagash Do-Ahead Dining by Malabar Hornblower Slow-Cooker Book Lend, Trade, Give
Jagash The Culinary Arts Institute Cookbook (4400 Recipes) A book on freezer-foods Lend, Trade, Give
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